bottle is a container with variable capacity, certified on the size order of litre, with a neck narrower than the arm, sometimes equipped with a cap. Bottles are usually made of glass, plastic, paper, ceramic, metals and are typically used to contain liquids as: water, milk, drinks, bier, but also fuel, drugs, ink, etc.

Bottles awake also some fanciful images: they can be used as decoration elements, by changing them in supports for lampshades or candelabra; there are also who, by admirable patience, build inside them sail vessels and who throw them into the sea with messages.

Effect bottles

Their content can be made more seductive and precious with the application on them of chrome or Gold effect: a refined perfume, an esteemed wine, delicious oil or a spiced vinegar, a moisturizing or embellishing cosmetic obtain an added value when bottled in a luxurious container, enriched by the luminosity of chrome/gold effect. Let’s think to the impact such bottles can have in the show of a bar or a restaurant, in the counters of a perfumery or on the shelves of a grocery’s or a supermarket.

Decoration bottles

Still more when we are dealing with decoration: the chromo can be the base or the underground, or be the part of an ornamental drawing, remembering furthermore that the chrome effect can be coloured too by adding pigments, in order to create suggestive figures and designs.

Chrome effect application on bottles

It is an idea that can interest bottle manufacturers, for the process for chrome effect application can be entered into a manufacture line; but it can as well interest artists, furniture architects and who is willing to customize the room where he lives or works.