Spray Chrome

The best spray chrome paint

The chrome with New Fantachrome International

If you are looking for a spray chrome paint, trust in New Fantachrome International. Here you will find the most innovative solutions in terms of plating and painting.

Easy-to-use, high quality, our spray on chrome paints places itself on the market as the best and the most sought choice, both for big companies and private users. This is accompanied by the advantage of a highly qualified staff that will be able to respond to your request. Visit our website and watch the various products we have, always at the cutting-edge of chrome.

With a simple spray you will be able to give new life to everyday-materials.

Spray on chrome with New Fantachrome International

The best products for your business and pleasure

We propose many sprays on chrome paints. The Newfantachrome ™ paint gives to any object a realistic and mirror chrome effect. For those who prefer a reflection effect of 90%, we would definitely recommend Supachrome, which is weather resistant.

Our extensive range of products includes Ghostchrome, a chrome paint for the interior of your car with a chrome effect to 50%, and Antivandalo, which is useable on all that has to be protected from soiling or otherwise with a spray gun.

So for your next spray chrome paint, choose New Fantachrome International!