Chrome spray paint

The chrome spray paint for all tastes

Wide range of chrome paints

The New Fantachrome International offers a range of chrome spray paints that can be used on any item, for companies and for private users.

Our company is leader in the chrome paint field. The New Fantachrome™  paint is ideal to cover any material, with a chrome mirror effect which is realistic to touch. It is easy to use; therefore, it is ideal for private users, too.

Relying on New Fantachrome International in choosing the most suitable chrome paint spray means to choose the number one company on the market in terms of chrome plating! Try the Fantachrome, the best chrome spray paint!

Chrome effect on any material

We propose many solutions for chrome plating.

The diamond point of our products is the revolutionary and innovative New Fantachrome ™, a paint based on water, which is able to give a mirror effect to the painted material. For those who need any chrome with a reflection of 90% we propose Supachrome, which is very suitable for privates and used with spray guns.

On the various kinds of chrome spray paints that you can then apply, the products can give special effects, such as 3D, the ICE and the Cracked.

There are also chrome effect paints which are anti-vandal for cars and antifouling for boats.