Suparchrome is a paint that can be applied by standard spray gun and produces a chrome-like finish with a 90% reflection value.

It can be applied on any surface to be painted and has features of high resistance to abrasion and weather phenomena.

Very simple to be applied, it dries immediately and is protected by a transparent topcoat or a coloured one to enable a finish that suits any creative style.

It is available in kits starting from 1 litre and is the ideal solution both for small private users and for large industrial productions.

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1. Apply catalysed PRIMER (SHAKE WELL) onto the surface to be chromed.
Apply 2 layers. Let them dry at a temperature of 60°C / 70C° during 1 / 1,15 hour. The surface should remain plain and glossy. 

2. Shake well the SUPARCHROME before pouring it into the gun (pressure 1 bar, nozzle 1-1,2/1,3 mm, to have a reduces flow of product).
Apply 4/5 layers of SUPACHROME with following passages, until the surface is completely covered.

3. Let dry 1 hour at 60°C / 70°C the SUPARCHROME or wait for a minimum of 12 hours at room temperature until the full drying of SUPARCHROME.
Longer the drying time is better the brightness will be
4. Apply the topcoat. Let it dry at a temperature of 55-60° C for one hour. 

How to apply SUPARCHROME (indirect use)

It is possible to apply SUPARCHROME on any transparent material (glass, plexiglass, polycarbonate, lexan, etc), and to get a mirror effect on the positive side (outside) of the surface.

1. When the surface has been perfectly cleaned by fitted products (alcohol, etc), SUPARCHROME is to be applied on negative side (inside) of the surface, and immediately you can see mirror effects on the other side.

2. While completely dried, apply the protection of clear topcoat.

PATENT N. 2004A000026