Chrome paint

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New Fantachrome International, choose your next chrome paint

The chrome takes shape with us!

For any item to be chromed, small or large dimensioned, we find a solution to your requirement!

Since 25 years, New Fantachrome International is the  leader company in chrome paint. We are renowned for our competences, in Italy and abroad. However, this is not enough.

Indeed, we are the precursors of a revolutionary chrome method, which makes the chrome paint cheap and easy-to-use.

Any item or material can get chrome effect with our paints; small and large, for end users and for manufacturing, you will obtain a gold, silver or copper result: it will look and also feel like a real metal!

An easy-to-use chrome paint

Chrome becomes simple and fun

Any item can be transformed; any “everyday” material can become a luxurious one. With our chrome paint everything is possible!

Our chrome paint is very easy to apply; therefore, you do not need to be a competent painter to use it.

We provide everything you need, to make better use of your chrome paint. Our paints are the solution for you!

Visit our website, to discover our wide product range. For further questions, get in touch with us! Our staff will be glad to give you every information about the chrome world!