Fanta Boats

Very new antifouling manufactured by New Fantachrome International (Italy), excellent in hull and floating line.

Antifouling Fanta Boats has brightly passed trial test performed. Antifouling Fanta Boats is available in several packages and colours.


  1. Carefully degrease by a solvent the surface of fiberglass or wood or iron.
  2. Carefully sand the surface by medium/coarse grained paper (400-600).
  3. Apply a layer of ANTIFOULING.
  4. After a minimum 1-2 hours (at 20° C), apply a second layer of ANTIFOULING.
  5. After a minimum 1-2 hours (at 20° C), if necessary, apply a third layer of ANTIFOULING.
  6. On already treated hulls it is necessary to eliminate the superficial porous layer by a strong pressure washing or better through sanding. In case of very porous or in a very bad state surface it is advisable to apply, before ANTIFOULING, a layer of universal PRIMER.
  7. Wait for the launching at least 12 hours (at 20° C) from the last layer.