Spray on Chrome

Invented in Italy twenty-five years ago by Pier Carlo Biginelli, Fantachrome has become the industry standard in spray on chrome technology. Sold in 53 countries around the world this amazing product has made major inroads in replacing the expensive, complex and environmentally negative process of conventional electro plating.

Fantachrome, special paint, is an environmentally friendly, water based silver nitrate coating system that produces a hard, durable super bright spray-on chrome finish on a wide selection of substrate materials.

Metals, fibre-glass, polystyrene, stone, ceramic, wood and glass are a few of the many base materials that Fantachrome can be applied to, achieving a mirror like finish that is indistinguishable from electro plated chrome for much less cost. Industries such as custom cars and motorcycles, design and display, store fixtures, architectural and signage, are all perfect candidates for Fantachrome application.

Hues and saturations can be added to the final top coat sealer allowing for brilliant chrome finishes in blue, red, green, purple, gold and many other colours.

Coloured tints across a wide range of hues and saturations can be added to the final top coat sealer allowing for brilliant chrome finishes in blue, red, green, purple, gold and many others.

Because Fantachrome chromed paint is sprayed on using a three stage application (base coat, silver nitrate metallic coat and crystal clear top coat), the size limitations of chroming baths or vacuum chambers do not apply.

  1. Is Fantachrome just a paint on chrome or is it actual metal?
  2. The chroming process is actually a layer of liquid metal which is sprayed onto the base coat once it has been applied to the substrate. A process known as Catalytic Plating
  3. Can I use the Fantachrome system in conjunction with my current spray painting business?
  4. Yes it will fit in perfectly and only enhance the application opportunities you can then additionally offer.
  5. Is Fantachrome an interior or exterior product?
  6. Because Fantachrome is a silver nitrate based coating we recommend using it for products that will be displayed largely indoors. Silver nitrate over time will react to direct sunlight and yellow. For exterior exposure we recommend Suparchrome, which is a chromium based coating (chromed paint) and is not affected by sunlight.
  7. Can I get other colours as a finish?
  8. A whole range of colours, blue, green, red, purple, bronze, gold etc., are available by adding a selected tint to the final topcoat getting amazing finishing after the spray on chrome.
  9. How will I learn to apply Fantachrome?
  10. NewfantaChrome will be offering an online, interactive training course that everyone using the product must pass if they are to apply this product. We will also offer in-person training at our Italian plant, by appointment.


Spray on chrome with no special equipment :


SuparchromeTM is the future of spray-on chrome technology specifically for exterior applications. It consists of three step process performed in a standard commercial paint booth with conventional HVLP spray gun technology. The result is a brilliant chrome finish onto a wide range of substrates. It uses a new patented additive that chemically binds the base coat, the middle silver chromium coat and the final clear or tinted top coat to form a single hard, durable and brilliant OEM chrome finish.

Product Features

  • From the spokes of a wheel rim to the lobby of a commercial skyscraper, SuparchromeTM can coat anything of almost any size with a chrome like brilliance that is both beautiful, durable and cost effective.
  • SuparchromeTM is able to bond to many different substrates: metals, fibre-glass, polystyrene, fabric, cement, plaster, ceramic, plastic, vinyl, styrofoam, aluminum, glass, rubber, etc.
  • It is the least costly product on the market, offering virtually all the qualities of far more expensive competitors.
  • Significantly lower environmental impact than traditional electroplating.
  • Product will not peel, flake or deteriorate over time nor will it yellow when exposed to outdoor conditions. The sun has no effect on SuparchromeTM.
  • Tough, flexible, heat and weather resistant, this product is well suited for the North American climates and will not deteriorate or discolour.
  • By adding coloured tints to the topcoat you can achieve a wide range of chrome-brilliant coloured finishes.
  • Proper preparation of the substrate before chrome application is critical and will ensure a smooth, flawless finish.
  • Has full dip and dry assembly line capabilities making it the perfect product for high volume, large capacity work flow.



SuparchromeTM is a uniquely multiple use product, spray on chrome product. By creating a tough, weather resistant, durable, flexible and brilliant surface that can be clear coated or colour tinted and chemically bonded to virtually any substrate, it’s range of applications are limitless. It’s usage in the automotive, motorcycle, signage and fixture industries are obvious, but with some imagination and experimentation many other opportunities with this amazing product are open to exploration.

Potentials and Possibilities:

  • Applied as a multi-coloured paste to glass panels to achieve stunning stained glass effects for windows, room dividers or even boardroom tables.
  • Applied as an architectural accent element or to entire walls of buildings, interior or exterior.
  • Applied to movie, theatre or any interior design set to add brilliance and dramatic effect.
  • Applied to fabrics for costume accents, display drapings, seat covers and placemats.
  • Applied to flooring and tile providing coloured tints, a bullet proof finish and a unique new appearance.
  • Applied to rubber and plastic for everything from household containers to floor mats, from soccer balls to bowling balls, from toy trains to airplanes.
  • Applied to any sculptural object for brilliance, colour, or surface texture, with exterior durability and resistance to yellowing or fading.

Ever expanding, the list goes on…