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NEW INTERNATIONAL FANTACHROME gives a new meaning to the word chrome products are designed for the most demanding customer and for various sectors. The revolutionary system of New Fantachrome INTERNATIONAL can be applied on any surface, material or object of any size. Beware of imitations, we will guarantee you always the authenticity of our products. We are the inventors of systems Fantachrome ™. It is the imitation closer to gold, bronze, copper.



Mirror-like (100% reflection), chrome finish on almost any kind of surface. NEW FANTACHROME is a water based coating.
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Chrome-like finish with a 90% reflection value. It can be applied on any surface to be painted and has features of high resistance to abrasion and weather phenomena.
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Very new antifouling, excellent in hull and floating line, available in several packages and colours.
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Ice & 3D

Spectacular finishes that give a very unique look achieved by applying a special product at the end of chroming process.
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1310, 2021

Chrome paint

Chrome paint 1341583221-Copia CD 094 New Fantachrome International, choose your next chrome paint The chrome takes shape with us! For any item to be chromed, small or large dimensioned, we find a solution to your requirement! Since 25 years, New Fantachrome International is

1310, 2021

Spray Chrome

Spray Chrome The best spray chrome paint The chrome with New Fantachrome International If you are looking for a spray chrome paint, trust in New Fantachrome International. Here you will find the most innovative solutions in terms of plating and painting. Easy-to-use, high quality,

1310, 2021

Chrome spray paint

Chrome spray paint The chrome spray paint for all tastes Wide range of chrome paints The New Fantachrome International offers a range of chrome spray paints that can be used on any item, for companies and for private users. Our company is leader in

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