The show in chrome

Show performances require special effects highlighting scenes and objects and catching public attention. Without many technical resources these can be reached by a painting process having an almost magic effect: any material by spraying various chemicals becomes as for enchantment chromed and bright: this is Fantachrome® system.

Solutions for cinema and theatre scenery

There are several opportunities where this system can be used for cinema and theatre scenery: Science fiction environments with spaceships, space bases and robots in glossy metal, or Fable environments rich of golden items for royal courts or for magic-Fantasy movies, such as Harry Potter, where often swords, vessels and armours appear: silver or golden chrome effect is the best solution to emphasize important details.

In theatre too Newfantachrome finishes used on cardboard, polystyrene or plastic can realize on cheap materials sumptuous and shining sceneries, which often theatre works require.

It can be an idea to be carried on by who is concerned in scenery preparation for cinema and theatre and also for whom sets up fitting for premises and customized parties.

Also music gets chrome colour

The tones tint by a brighter rhythm

Then if we pass to music, New Fantachrome chrome effect applied on instruments such as guitars, batteries, keyboards or wind instruments, can get special effects making a concert more charming and spectacular, not to tell in this case too of the importance of sceneries and of the effects we can get.

It is a good idea for professional musicians or also only amateurs, who like to mark themselves not only for talent but with their image too.