Raft trips

With spring nice weather begins and the wish to enjoy it raises, you would like to go out and start again sports and activities in contact with nature.

One of these can be navigation on raft, with many fans. The raft, born as rescue inflatable means, is nowadays much diffused, with many clubs and associations organizing manifestations and adventure raids, besides the ones preferring solitary excursions. Today number of manufacturing companies offer hundreds of models for any need, the most prestigious took the role of status symbol, with considerable dimensions and fitted as luxury yachts, equipped with cabins and covered rooms.

But from the point of view of aesthetical aspect nautical word is relatively boring and repetitive, it lacks something to diversify your own boat and make it detach among the sprays and the blue of water expanses.

Chromed details

It is here that chrome effect product New Fantachrome® can be useful; giving a special touch to details, actually on all wood, fibre glass and metal parts it is possible to apply by a simple spray gun our paints bestowing a chromed look.

Furniture, fitting, technical parts, the motor and the planked too can get a bright chrome effect, also coloured as requested, resistant to bed weather and humidity. This is a solution to point out by a new light and a unique and exclusive finish the rafts which can be the partners for unforgettable trips and experiences.