A new life to wood parquets through Suparchrome and Fantachrome

Try our chromed paints on wood too

Suparchrome and Fantachrome are our war horses, chromed paints that can be used on several materials, to bestow a new color, a new life.

The profits to use our chromed paints are many. In facts, besides being easy to use, they are extremely versatile, for they can be applied on so many materials.

Among them we enumerate wood parquets. Many of our customers ask us for suggestions on which products to use and how to paint wood parquets. Well then,  our highly experienced staff will be able to give you all answers  to the questions you have got in this sector.

New colors, new finishes, new reflections can revive your home, the objects you love more or any other material you could think of.

Suparchrome and Fantachrome: paints to give a new life to wood parquets

Which you like more?

To think to be able choosing among many chromed paint that we propose you is one of aspects the lovers of our enterprise like more.

Yes, because our chromed paints are not only for sector experts and professionals, but on the contrary for all whom, for hobby, wish to give a new life to anything, wood parquets included.

Choose between Fantachrome, water basic paint bestowing a mirror finish, or Suparchrome, a 90% reflection paint, especially fitted to resist against abrasive agents, weather ones included.

In short if you wish to repaint your wood parquets visit our website and get in touch with us. We will be happy to provide you with the right suggestion.