We are living in the world of virtual reality: situations and environments can be simulated; you can have the emotion to pilot an airplane, to drive a racing car, to dip yourself in the ocean …

Reality loses its limits and what mainly matters is image, look. We know how much celebrities care about their appearance to impress the public and so it is in the working world, in business, among people.

It is like a huge prestige game to which all take part and who is smartest gets more success.

Chrome prestige gaming

Also our chrome effect paints produce a result that is like prestige gaming: they change a stone in a gold nugget, a wood piece in a silver bar, a polystyrene part in chromed metal, or they give a cracked, or chameleon with changing reflects, or rust effect …

They bestow image, appearance that is so important nowadays. But you should not think that chrome effect and special effects paints New Fantachrome® are but appearance without a substance: actually they are very reliable  and resistant products, and if correctly applied they can give an effect lasting in the time, not subject to be stuttered by outside agents. The application of our special effect paints is simple, anyway we offer to all customers wishing to free training courses, with final certificate.

Virtual chrome