The solutions New Fantachrome for new finishes on furniture

New solutions, easy to be applied and innovative

To bestow a new life to old pieces of furniture or to embellish them through new finishes has not but an high value esthetic impact. Of course, in fact, the first thing to be seen by naked eyes is the color and the brightness.

Nevertheless to use paints on more or less ancient pieces of furniture has got a symbolic value too. For many of us it is coming back to the past, it is to be willing to give a new life to something that maybe is tied to some childhood’s memories.

It can be simply a furniture need to require a new finish on furniture.

So for any ground you are looking for a paint to finish some furniture object, be acquainted that New Fantachrome International is what you need. Actually our firm is on the world market as leader for chromed paints, highly resistant, easy to use and above all versatile.

For your next finishes on furniture choose New Fantachrome

Paints at the reach of all

Many people wrongly think that to give a new life to an object you ought to be an expert; for this they entrust their furniture to not always wise hands, with the result they don’t get what they wished and they spend a patrimony. On the contrary we propose a sure do-it-yourself, rich with satisfactions and simple to be made, because we supply all, instructions and material to apply the paint included.

Visiting our website, we find at once different solutions depending on customer’s requirements; from mirror chromed paints to 3D or Ice effects, that bestow the object an actual realist effect, besides original.

If you wish to improve the finishes of furniture in your home, trust in whom has got years of experience behind him, entrust in New Fantachrome International.