Suparchrome applications in automotive sector

New generation chromed paint

New Fantachrome, company specialized in manufacture of chromed paints, presents on the market the chromed paint Suparchrome, a high standard product, offering one series of exclusive features on the market.

In fact we are talking about paint with a 90% reflection. It can be used by a spray, that is by fitted spray guns.

The qualities that make Suparchrome one of the most liked applications in automotive sector are numerous.

Suparchrome can be applied on all surfaces to be painted and is very resistant to weather agents and generally to all abrasive factors. Another basic feature of our chromed paint is the easiness of application that makes it fitted both to painting professionals and neophytes.

Suparchrome dries at once and allows then being covered by other glossy paints depending on anyone’s requirements.


In the sector of automotive applications choose Suparchrome

The proper chromed paint for your car

Suparchrome is our flower at buttonhole. A paint that can be applied in all cases you wish a reflection effect and in the meantime a high quality product and above all a strong resistance.

For any doubt or explanation get in touch with us; our staff will be pleased to give you all indication or suggestions you need to employ Suparchrome.

Our chromed paint Suparchrome, one of the most innovative applications in automotive sectors, needs for application the fitted spray guns. But you have not to think it is a paint difficult to be applied, only for sector’s experts. On the contrary!

Actually our chromed paints are characterized by application easiness, so that all people can discover the pleasure to chrome by their selves. Follow the instruction we supply for application; choose between indirect use, with the primer, or direct application, on transparent materials.