Sparkling Christmas

Christmas is the most sparkling feast of the year and with the chrome effect paint it gets even more sparkling.

Some examples of chrome effect applications:

Starting from the Manger, with the comet star, the several characters and landscape details, all can become bright through New Fantachrome International’s products. In fact you can chrome any object, of any dimension, from small figurines to a large Manger with natural size.

The traditional Christmas Tree, with all its attires: little balls and other ornaments can get chrome effect, in order to become shining and reflecting. Furthermore if you don’t like to have recourse to a real plant you can make your own tree with any material (polystyrene, corrugated cardboard, plastic …) and then chrome it by New Fantachrome paints, and maybe further embellish it by special effects.

Packaging for Gifts too can be enriched by the range of chrome paints for an original presentation of high effect: baskets, bags, boxes can be decorated by the shining chrome effect.


Christmas Table: from the room furnishings, such as chairs, lamps, table, which can take brightness with the mirror chroming, or originality with ICE and 3D, also all table elements themselves, as place-marks, trays, vessels, napkin-holders, pots, chandeliers can be treated by chrome effect paints we propose, in order to have an absolutely special lunch.

These ones are but some application ideas for chrome effect paint in Christmas event, but we are sure you can think in others, because it is a so versatile and adaptable product that our chrome effect paint can suit to the most various creation fantasies.

Our products can be used by final users, but even better from object manufacturers who wish to give their business an added value.