Products Newfantachrome also for decoration panels in MDF

To renovate interior design of offices, apartments, shops

New Fantachrome International’s products are very appreciated and used also by whom is concerned with interior design, for whom wishes to give to furniture a chromed effect, especially for decoration panels in MDF.

These ones, for sector neophytes, are wood panels got through the work on material by several processes. Literally MDF means exactly fibre panel medium density.

Such panels are much employed either in apartment furniture, or in offices or in commercial activities. They are aimed to embellish the wall which they are placed on, to bestow light or colour to a room.

MDF panels are really the last fashion look for interior decoration en for this New Fantachrome International has made available for experts and whom are willing to venture with decoration panels its own know how in the matter of chromed paints.


Decoration panels in MDF to embellish your apartment

Chroming and new light for your interiors

For who are not experienced in the sector we explain shortly what is when we talk about decoration panels in MDF. They are wood panels subjected to a work process that can make them of low, medium (precisely the ones in MDF) or high density.

Decoration panels in MDF are much used in apartments, in modern style rooms, but also in trade spaces or offices. They give a light stroke to the room, making it classy and modern in the meantime.

Chromed paints of New Fantachrome International for their high quality are paints fitted for the chroming of MDF panels too, giving them various effects according to customer’s requirements.

To discover New Fantachrome International’s proposals for chroming and decoration panels in MDF we invite you to get in touch with our staff.