Newfantachrome ideal for sculptures and artworks too

Manifold are the employs of our products

Chrome effect paints of New Fantachrome International are featured among other things for their versatility and ductility. The high quality of materials makes them able to be used also on sculptures and artworks.

The products of New Fantachrome International present many merits, which make them suitable for paint and care of sculptures and artworks too. Actually Newfantachrome is the closer imitation to bronze, gold and copper on the market; this makes it really versatile and adaptable to various employs.

Another winning feature of our product is the high quality, able to enhance the objet on which it is applied, through a precious chroming, without covering it, ruin it or mate it.

Eventually it is very simple to use also thanks to the tools you can ask by our company and exploit suggestions of our staff.


Sculptures and artwork get a new value

Newfantachrome valorises your jewels

In order to have a mirror chromed, ice or three-dimensional effect, trust in our product range!

On our webpages you will find a detailed description of different chromed paints we propose, with technical sheets and clear and simple explanations, so to care your sculptures and artworks.

For whom has some doubts or simple questions, it is possible to get in touch with our customer service; our staff, highly competent and specialized, will be able to supply you with all the explanations of the case, suggesting you the best possible solutions too.

They are always more the ones who also for sculptures and artworks trust in Newfantachrome, for experience and product quality are recognized in Italy as well as abroad.

If you are an artist or a sector lover, trust in New Fantachrome International