Newfantachrome finishes for trade premises

Innovative solutions for shop furnishings

New Fantachrome International is leader since more than 25 years on the market in chrome paint sector. Among the many solutions we propose the customer; our paints can be used for the decoration of trade premises too.

Who wishes to open a new activity knows well how much aesthetics and then interior furniture can strike customer’s eyes, which will then be curious to come in. Indeed what we propose is a valid support to make your trade premises the most possible attractive.

Newfantachrome finishes, specially, are featured by the high quality of products and by chrome effect, able to enhance the furniture and not to disfigure, by use easiness, thanks also to the supply of what is needed for painting, by finish originality.


For your trade activity choose Newfantachrome finishes

Your project shines by a new light

New Fantachrome International is known on chrome paint market not only by the experts but also by the sector lovers or by who for work needs approaches this charming world, but with little experience.

Well, Newfantachrome supplies with all is needed to embellish the furniture of your shop, by simple finishes or by an eccentric touch, in an innovative manner or classically, but always by a strongly evident chroming, looking for meeting customer requirements, but also suggesting the best, for the main target is the one of a result at the height of expectations.

To choose Newfantachrome finishes for the furniture of trade premises means to bestow an added value to the activity itself, to enrich it with something that from simple idea becomes by us reality: the beautiful.

It is quite around beauty that New Fantachrome International’s activity rotates, a beauty that sometimes is simplicity, other times is originality, but that countersigns itself always by the great quality of products and the shining carat chrome effect.