When a new year is starting you would like to impress a renewal to your own life: somebody would like to change of house, work, car… Too often you cannot afford a so radical change, but you try anyway to bring some novelties around yourself and by chrome effect and special effect products New Fantachrome™ this is possible.

How to change of house

Instead of changing house you can renew it by bright chrome effect details or by ice or rust effect decorated panels, so to give vivacity to the kitchen, personality to the hall, luminosity to the dining room, originality to the living room, warmness to the bedroom and refinement to the bathroom.

How to change of work

In the offices you can apply chromed effect to the desks, to the chairs and also to the computers or other, in order to rejoice work environment. If you have got a shop it is the right opportunity to make it more attractive by chromed expositors and frames, in different shades too, brilliant mannequins, many coloured walls and grounds in ice effect or in the sophisticated rust effect.

How to change of car

Instead of changing car or motorbike you can give chrome effect to its details, making it sparkling as it was freshly new, thanks to the application process of chromed paint Suparchrome, or Rainbow, so to give it all rainbow reflections.

There are actually a huge number of ideas to renew what is around you that you can realize through our special and chrome effect paints.