Together with the application bestowing chrome look, New Fantachrome™ has developed several other special effects: camaleont, cracked, antique, gel, Ice, 3D…

Now a new solution for decoration patterns really unique has born: rust effect.

It can be applied on any material (cement, plastic, wood, iron, fiberglass, gypsum, etc.) in order to create a feeling of past time and to add a chromatic shade with a high result breaking the homogeneity of decoration with a sophisticate and warm touch.

It is a process that can be used mainly in furnishings: on furniture, decorated walls, where it can be inserted into an ornamental fantasy, but there can be also other applications, such as on car models or pottery, book covers, figurines, to create an aging appearance.

The process is very simple: after the application of a fitted basecoat to the support material you proceed with a special paint copper or rust to which an oxidizer is to be applied. When the requested reaction has occurred, you cover by a special protection for exteriors or for interiors; according to the use the support is aimed.

Certainly a possibility more for furniture designer, architects and artists, who will be able to propose new decoration solutions with a great impact.