The Primer has a basic role in chrome effect application systems:

Always searching optimal solutions in order to get the best results in chroming field, New Fantachrome™ has developed a new Primer even more efficient both for application facility and effects reached.

In fact its first advantage is the easiness in stretching it and adhesion to the support which has to achieve chrome effect. Furthermore it can be dried without problems at room temperature too, without need to have recourse to an oven, before passing to chroming step. It does exist in two versions, one bi-component with its catalyst and one mono-component.

It can be used for both the processes we offer to get chrome effect: Fantachrome and Suparchrome and make that chromed paints perfectly stick to underlying surface.

You can so have a mirror chrome by Fantachrome system, or a super resistant chrome effect painting by Suparchrome system, even more homogeneous and bright.

A very good opportunity for the customers who already know our product to renovate their supplies, in order to try this new Primer; and for whom has not still had the occasion, from small artisans to large companies, a reason more to test our chrome effect paints.