The main function of a lamp is the one to light up a room, but beyond this aim it can be useful as a decoration element, enriching the furniture and giving a personal touch to the area where it is placed. With lamps and lights fantasy and creativity have got a wide action ground: also on them the chrome, gold, silver effect or other special effects can help to reflect brightness, to produce light games, and to embellish ornamentation.

Fantasy in lights

Drop chandeliers illuminating large halls can improve their sparkling when the support fastening them to the ceiling is treated by chrome or gold effect; deco-style lamps with their stylized flowers can underline the details of their drawing with coloured, gold or silver chrome; essential lamps in modern fashion can have even more marked metallic reflects thanks to the chrome effect or give a colour note in bright shades, electric blue, shocking pink, fluorescent green or yellow.

On tubular parts, standards, fixtures, glasses, arms, doodles of chandeliers, lampshades, ground lamps; it is possible to apply chrome effect paint in order to make the environment more elegant, shinier and more special, with the light reflecting itself in the 100% chrome and so multiplying its effect.

So many ideas for designers, architects, furnish operators that the application of chrome effect to lamps can supply with.