Who has never dreamed of a super luxury apartment, with golden and silver decorations, with tiles adorned by various chromed shades, glimmered floors and all ornaments you can wish with an effect looking like real gold?

With the solutions of chromed paints New Fantachrome™ this can be possible by cost very more sustainable than the ones of the application of product containing real gold, in fact it is enough to add a pigment of the requested colour (gold, silver, and copper, brass …) to have a very realistic effect.

The frames of doors, windows and wardrobes, curtain staffs, canopy bed, columns, arcades, niches, and all various furniture elements can get gold effect by pigmented chrome paints.

The floors, parquets, tiles or marble, can be decorated by varied ornaments and made glimmering, or golden, or of other colours, always by the application process of chrome paint and if required adding other special effects.

The walls can have golden inserts or other refined bright drawings and all bathroom can be princely and sparkling with golden bath fittings and tiles decorated by coloured chrome paints, and then protected by a water proof clear coat.

An idea that can give countless blunts to who is willing to plan a high class home or, even more, a luxurious hotel, a prestigious office, a residential unit …