In the sigh of chrome

To let oneself be known through his work and through advertising products is a main ring of the chain allowing staying on the market.

What does signal the presence of a shop, of a place, of an office, of a stand, catching the attention of people passing by and inducing them to approach?

A sign making itself be noticed for its originality in graphics, in colours, and in its brightness.

There are signs of old-fashioned style, with drawings, with large letters, illuminated, strange; all these can get a touch more with the application of chromed effect New Fantachrome®.


Chrome-like signs

This technique can point out the letters composing a writing making it fully chromed, or coloured chrome, or the chrome can be inserted to underline some details.

The support can be any material, for the process of the systems New Fantachrome can be executed on all substrates: wood, plastic, fiberglass, metal, etc.

On transparent materials the application is done with very good results on the inside part (back) of the support, bestowing a still greater brightness and a very high protection from weather action.


Chrome advertising

This topic can be extended to other similar employs too, such as the customization of vehicles, the plates of several products, advertising placards, banners, which by the chrome touch take a greater visibility and emphasis, catching so a possibility more to attract customers.



There are many companies specialized in the realization of signs of very different types and surely they would have a large advantage by entering the application of chrome effect into the range of products to be offered to their customers in order to make the name or the symbol of their activity be marked and noticed.