The main role of plates is the one to contain food, but it is also usual to employ them as decoration elements, often to be hung to walls: we are thinking to Danish collections, or to oriental plates, made of embossed ceramic or of ornamented copper, we think to Venini’s glass plates; in short it is an object very suitable for ornamentation.

And so why don’t use them to apply on them too special paints Fantachrome®?

Application on plates

Actually these products can be employed without problems on ceramic, gypsum, terracotta, wood, metal and glass. Even, on this last material the application can be made from back part getting a mirror effect. You can follow relieves edges, underline the shapes, or trace drawings with the gel…

It depends only by fantasy and creativity and articles such as plates can become ornamental jewels to enrich, renovate and animate a plac

Decorated plates