Lovers of cars and motorbikes are always looking for something that, giving a new look, underlines their locomotion means. Truck drivers too like to customize their truck.

What can be better to this aim than a chromed paint, resisting to weather phenomena, to be applied by a usual spraygun, on any material?

Some ideas for automotive customization

Important detail are emphasised by chrome effect: wheel covers, mirror and light caps, bumpers, grills, bike tanks, full parts, broadsides, hoods, doors, or also a complete car or motorcar, can be treated by chromed paint Supar Chrome, coloured too, if required, or enriched by a drawing or other special effects available in the range of New Fantachrome’s products.

In short, it is a chroming process with paint applied by spray, which ought to concern all body shops and workshops that wish to offer their customers an exclusive service of customization for their vehicle.