The Helmets are a security solution for whom rides a motorbike and a bike too. Their diffusion made that besides their main protection function they became also an important fitting to distinguish oneself and therefore motorbike and bike riders are looking for the most original customizations.

By New Fantachrome International’s chrome effect paints helmets can become bright, simple chrome coloured or in other shades, or can have a changing colour, with drawings and patterns got by water transfer, or also with the refined peach effect.

It can be an idea for manufacturers, who can easily introduce chrome effect process in painting step, for the application is like the one of a simple paint.

It can be a suggestion for who has a painting activity, to enlarge the range of services to be offered to customers, with the presentation of an exclusive decoration to be displayed, through the application of chrome paints New Fantachrome™.

The private citizen also, if he is already skilled in spray paint, can try chromed paints or other special effects in order to realize an absolutely customized helmet, distinguishing him from all other.