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The company

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Newfantachrome is the company which invented more than 25 years ago spray solutions to get Chrome effect on rather any surface! Our word is …”If it is possible to paint it, it is possible to chrome it!” and actually we went beyond this word, finding solutions to paint materials as polystyrene too! Somebody tried to imitate our solutions, but our Search and Development activities are so dynamic and efficient that our product belong to the future while all else is prehistory! We have got not only the best solutions to reach chrome effect finish but we integrated them with unique effects such as cracked, Ice and 3D. Work assigned men, such as painters, architects, designers, don’t finish to think to new possible applications that already other are born. Unimaginable the economical utilities that the use of cheaper, more easily workable, lighter material can bestow to supplier and customer. Any material normally rejected for its scarcely noble aesthetics can be employed and transformed from a duckling to a swan after the application of our products! We like to suggest to our customers to test us concretely; we let the words to others, we prefer actual facts of more than 25 years’ activity!