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Ice & 3D
ICE and 3D are spectacular finishes that give a very unique look. 
This special effect is achieved by applying a special product at the end of chroming process (also after the end topcoat) giving the ice effect. It can be applied by spray or will create a 3D effect when manually applied.
It works on Suparchrome, Fantachrome and on other standard paints.
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Apply mono-component Ice on any surface already applied or on Fantachrome and Suparchrome topcoat.

If the surface where Ice is to be applied has more than 3 – 4 days, it is to be sanded by sanding paper 1.000.

After application the effect is visible after 10- 20 minutes.

When it is dried it is possible to apply on Ice Fantachrome topcoat for a harder resistance.

If you apply the product directly by your hands you get 3D effect.

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