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Applications of glass and ceramics

Ceramic and glass are ideal supports for decoration elements. With the wide range of Fantachrome solutions there is but the hesitation for choice and fantasy…

Applications on Wood

Wood bestows to surrounding space a warm and natural look; by the application of Fantachrome products these very characteristics can be enhanced and embellished: walls,…

Ice & 3D

ICE and 3D are spectacular finishes that give a very unique look.    This special effect is achieved by applying a special product at the…


Fanta Boats Very new antifouling manufactured by New Fantachrome International (Italy), excellent in hull and floating line. Antifouling Fanta Boats has brightly passed trial test…



Suparchrome is a paint that can be applied by standard spray gun and produces a chrome-like finish with a 90% reflection value. It can be…


The revolutionary New Fantachrome™ Coating System produces a mirror-like (100% reflection), chrome finish on almost any kind of surface.  NEW FANTACHROME is a water based…