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We are living in the world of virtual reality: situations and environments can be simulated; you can have the emotion to pilot an airplane, to drive a racing car, to dip yourself in the ocean … Reality loses its limits and what mainly matters is image, look. We know how much celebrities care about their appearance to impress the public



The main role of plates is the one to contain food, but it is also usual to employ them as decoration elements, often to be hung to walls: we are thinking to Danish collections, or to oriental plates, made of embossed ceramic or of ornamented copper, we think to Venini’s glass plates; in short it is an object very suitable



The main function of a lamp is the one to light up a room, but beyond this aim it can be useful as a decoration element, enriching the furniture and giving a personal touch to the area where it is placed. With lamps and lights fantasy and creativity have got a wide action ground: also on them the chrome, gold,


The show in chrome

Show performances require special effects highlighting scenes and objects and catching public attention. Without many technical resources these can be reached by a painting process having an almost magic effect: any material by spraying various chemicals becomes as for enchantment chromed and bright: this is Fantachrome® system. Solutions for cinema and theatre scenery There are several opportunities where this system



To let oneself be known through his work and through advertising products is a main ring of the chain allowing staying on the market. What does signal the presence of a shop, of a place, of an office, of a stand, catching the attention of people passing by and inducing them to approach? A sign making itself be noticed for



A bottle is a container with variable capacity, certified on the size order of litre, with a neck narrower than the arm, sometimes equipped with a cap. Bottles are usually made of glass, plastic, paper, ceramic, metals and are typically used to contain liquids as: water, milk, drinks, bier, but also fuel, drugs, ink, etc. Bottles awake also some fanciful images: they



Raft trips With spring nice weather begins and the wish to enjoy it raises, you would like to go out and start again sports and activities in contact with nature. One of these can be navigation on raft, with many fans. The raft, born as rescue inflatable means, is nowadays much diffused, with many clubs and associations organizing manifestations and


Newfantachrome finishes for trade premises

Innovative solutions for shop furnishings New Fantachrome International is leader since more than 25 years on the market in chrome paint sector. Among the many solutions we propose the customer; our paints can be used for the decoration of trade premises too. Who wishes to open a new activity knows well how much aesthetics and then interior furniture can strike



The Helmets are a security solution for whom rides a motorbike and a bike too. Their diffusion made that besides their main protection function they became also an important fitting to distinguish oneself and therefore motorbike and bike riders are looking for the most original customizations. By New Fantachrome International’s chrome effect paints helmets can become bright, simple chrome coloured



Who has never dreamed of a super luxury apartment, with golden and silver decorations, with tiles adorned by various chromed shades, glimmered floors and all ornaments you can wish with an effect looking like real gold? With the solutions of chromed paints New Fantachrome™ this can be possible by cost very more sustainable than the ones of the application of


The restoration of aged cars and motorcars with Suparchrome today is possible

Try the high resistance chrome effect paint of Newfantachrome Who have got aged cars or motorcars knows how much care need these delicate “jewels”. Wear, time passing, weather phenomena or simply humid rooms can damage more or less seriously historical vehicles. Furthermore it is by now very difficult to find spare parts as well as experts able to make maintenance


Newfantachrome ideal for sculptures and artworks too

Manifold are the employs of our products Chrome effect paints of New Fantachrome International are featured among other things for their versatility and ductility. The high quality of materials makes them able to be used also on sculptures and artworks. The products of New Fantachrome International present many merits, which make them suitable for paint and care of sculptures and



Lovers of cars and motorbikes are always looking for something that, giving a new look, underlines their locomotion means. Truck drivers too like to customize their truck. What can be better to this aim than a chromed paint, resisting to weather phenomena, to be applied by a usual spraygun, on any material? Some ideas for automotive customization Important detail are


Products Newfantachrome also for decoration panels in MDF

To renovate interior design of offices, apartments, shops New Fantachrome International’s products are very appreciated and used also by whom is concerned with interior design, for whom wishes to give to furniture a chromed effect, especially for decoration panels in MDF. These ones, for sector neophytes, are wood panels got through the work on material by several processes. Literally MDF



When a new year is starting you would like to impress a renewal to your own life: somebody would like to change of house, work, car… Too often you cannot afford a so radical change, but you try anyway to bring some novelties around yourself and by chrome effect and special effect products New Fantachrome™ this is possible. How to



The Primer has a basic role in chrome effect application systems: Always searching optimal solutions in order to get the best results in chroming field, New Fantachrome™ has developed a new Primer even more efficient both for application facility and effects reached. In fact its first advantage is the easiness in stretching it and adhesion to the support which has


Sparkling Christmas

Christmas is the most sparkling feast of the year and with the chrome effect paint it gets even more sparkling. Some examples of chrome effect applications: Starting from the Manger, with the comet star, the several characters and landscape details, all can become bright through New Fantachrome International’s products. In fact you can chrome any object, of any dimension, from



Together with the application bestowing chrome look, New Fantachrome™ has developed several other special effects: camaleont, cracked, antique, gel, Ice, 3D… Now a new solution for decoration patterns really unique has born: rust effect. It can be applied on any material (cement, plastic, wood, iron, fiberglass, gypsum, etc.) in order to create a feeling of past time and to add


The solutions New Fantachrome for new finishes on furniture

New solutions, easy to be applied and innovative To bestow a new life to old pieces of furniture or to embellish them through new finishes has not but an high value esthetic impact. Of course, in fact, the first thing to be seen by naked eyes is the color and the brightness. Nevertheless to use paints on more or less


A new life to wood parquets through Suparchrome and Fantachrome

Try our chromed paints on wood too Suparchrome and Fantachrome are our war horses, chromed paints that can be used on several materials, to bestow a new color, a new life. The profits to use our chromed paints are many. In facts, besides being easy to use, they are extremely versatile, for they can be applied on so many materials.


Suparchrome applications in automotive sector

New generation chromed paint New Fantachrome, company specialized in manufacture of chromed paints, presents on the market the chromed paint Suparchrome, a high standard product, offering one series of exclusive features on the market. In fact we are talking about paint with a 90% reflection. It can be used by a spray, that is by fitted spray guns. The qualities


Print by water transfer

A new wonderful series of realization opportunities is given to all firms working with water transfer print, through our Suparchrome! It is actually possible to prepare the material you wish to print, by applying a base of Suparchrome to create chromed effect, after that you follow with usual print process by water transfer. The end effect, it is useless to


Spray on Chrome

Invented in Italy twenty-five years ago by Pier Carlo Biginelli, Fantachrome has become the industry standard in spray on chrome technology. Sold in 53 countries around the world this amazing product has made major inroads in replacing the expensive, complex and environmentally negative process of conventional electro plating. Fantachrome, special paint, is an environmentally friendly, water based silver nitrate coating


Paint chrome effect

Try our chrome plating paints! Discover the chrome world with the best paints Are you looking for a chrome plating paint?  Choose New Fantachrome International. Here you will find many solutions to chrome any material, of any size. Our plating method is revolutionary, because it gives chrome plating to every item and material; it is ideal not only for experts


Chrome spray paint

The chrome spray paint for all tastes Wide range of chrome paints The New Fantachrome International offers a range of chrome spray paints that can be used on any item, for companies and for private users. Our company is leader in the chrome paint field. The New Fantachrome™  paint is ideal to cover any material, with a chrome mirror effect