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Do you wish to become a Partner of ours?

Become a Partner of the first and best World’s “Spray on Chrome” company


Starting the Spray on chrome business as a partner of Newfantachrome , the first company in the world that invented the Spray on chrome technology will boost your actual painting business or will give you an amazing business opportunity!

We give you the opportunity to use and apply the best available technology in the world that can be used on Almost ALL kind of substrates.

High profits are possible and easy process having at your service all our technical staff and providing you training, problem solving, remote help service and all kind of supports you may need to be successful.

You can be a certified applicator and or a certified Distributor in your country! We’ll also help you forwarding the lead received from local end user.

Don’t waste your time! Get the opportunity now!

Compile the below module and start with your new amazing business:

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